detour – bridge next to Klimmuur Centraal closed



Dear climbers

Bad news! Due to the building activities on the Oosterdok the bridge next to Klimmuur Centraal will be closed.
Tomorrow! And for a long period of time.

To get to the Klimmuur, you can take the bridge on the other side of the tunnel (next to de Klimmuur) or you can cross the Marine terrain (starting near the Scheepvaartmuseum).

We tried to avoid/ undo this unpractical decision, but unfortunately: we did not succeed.
It’s last minute: we know. But it’s last minute for us too.

The good news: de Klimmuur stays de Klimmuur: so keep on climbing 🙂

Please, share this message with other climbers; so every climber will know this change as soon as possible.

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