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Group activities at De Klimmuur

At De Klimmuur you have been able to climb since 1992. De Klimmuur has expanded to seven locations during this period. Here you can not only climb, but you can also go here to get to know bouldering. The range of group activities such as teambuilding exercises are extended, read on quickly.


You can go to Haarlem, Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam for various group activities. The climbing experience is an extensive group activity. For an hour and a half, a certified climbing instructor is actively participating for you to learn all the aspects of climbing. Safety, fun, trust and technology are part of this climbing experience. The most important thing during this group activity is: Going together to the top! The one is belaying and the other is climbing. Everyone fulfills a valuable role during the climbing experience. Every member of the team gets a climbing harness and climbing shoes. You go up a wall as a real climber.

Colleagues have to trust each other, communicate well, encourage and cheer to each other! Can’t you wait until you can climb? Request a proposal and book this group activity for € 32.50 per person, including climbing harness and climbing shoes.

Besides the climbing experience, De Klimmuur also offers an introductory lesson. The instructor helps you to go climbing. The team gets an explanation about safety, trust and especially fun while climbing. Also with this lesson your team will have the control by yourself. The teammember on the ground will belay the person on the wall. The instructor is present to answer questions and monitors safety during climbing. You can go climbing with clean sports shoes or rent climbing shoes for an additional price of €4,-. The team is climbing for 1,5 hours, enthusiasts can climb through when safety is secure. The introductory lesson includes climbing harness and is € 24,50 per person.

After climbing we invite the team to enjoy a drink at the bar or use our catering facilities.


Since 2017 De Klimmuur has expanded with two boulder halls. The Lab Amsterdam and De Fabriek in Haarlem are specially designed for bouldering. Our other climbing locations also have a boulder section. Walls up to about 4.5 meters are climbed without a rope! The boulder routes are arranged by level, making the group activity suitable for everyone. During the boulderexperience, you will receive an explanation about safety, balance, strength and trust, here too pleasure comes first. Motivating each other and encouraging to conquer one more route or to climb a more difficult boulder route, that is what we expect from the whole team.

Do you want to join this boulderexperience for only € 19,50 per person? Request a proposal immediately! The team will be bouldering for about 1,5 hours. Enthusiasts can continue for free. The guidance during bouldering from the instructor takes half an hour to an hour, this depends on the size of the group. For an additional charge you can receive the entire activity guidance from the instructor.

Teambuilding assignments

Looking for a bigger challenge for the team and do you want to expand the group activity with teambuilding assignments? Then read on.

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An introduction to climbing

Would you like to have a go at climbing? Take an introductory lesson!

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Groups and companies

Climbing with your colleagues is the ideal activity for a team meeting. Come try it out and reach with your team the top. 

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Kids birthday parties

Have your birthday party with us and invite all your friends!

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