We can sport outside again!

At our gym Klimmuur Den Haag de Uithof we can offer you toprope climbing outside.

At our gyms het Lab and Klimmuur Rotterdam we have a lot of outdoor space so we made outdoor bouldering walls there. When you want to go climbing you pay the normal entrance fee, bouldering we made a little bit cheaper: € 5,-. This is because the outdoor wall isn’t as big as inside and we don’t have mats underneath the walls. So, you have to use a crashpad. A crashpad is obligatory!

You can make a reservation for two types of entrances. The ‘dagkaart abonnementhouders’ and the normal ‘dagkaart’.

The ‘dagkaart abonnementhouders‘ is for everyone who has a valid abonnement. You don’t have to pay, but you do have to make a reservation. If you have a ‘strippenkaart‘ it is cheaper for you to book and pay a ‘dagkaart‘ because it is only € 5,-

The ‘dagkaart‘ is for everyone who does not have a valid abonnement of for people who own a ‘strippenkaart‘.

Have fun climbing!


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