our philosophy

De Klimmuur is a company run by climbers, for climbers. Founded in 1992 by climbers, and since visited by more than 2.000.000 customers. Our philosophy is that we take our customers in a total experience of our vertical world. On the one hand this means fun, but on the other hand de total experience of a sport, including for instance the belaying.

De Klimmuur today, can best be described as exuberant, the right combination of a little rough edge, relaxation, but nonetheless serious. When entering one of the branches of de Klimmuur, it should feel relaxed, no worries and everybody can go their own way.

Off course safety is one of our main goals and de Klimmuur is a company, where rules apply. But it must remain fun. Intellectual anarchistic could be the right term.

Our customers come to us for fun and we also do our work with fun. Our philosophy in this is that we treat our customer as we would like to be treated by companies. On the one hand, money must be earned, on the other hand it should be fun and relaxing.

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An introduction to climbing

Would you like to have a go at climbing? Take an introductory lesson!

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Groups and companies

Climbing with your colleagues is the ideal activity for a team meeting. Come try it out and reach with your team the top. 

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Kids birthday parties

Have your birthday party with us and invite all your friends!

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