sport orientation

Students that come and climb with us will be doing a lot of climbing. Sport starts with fun! As such, students will get to know the many facets of climbing as a sport in a playful way. Think about: strength, balance, tactics, trust, perserverance and teamwork!

Groups can also take several lessons to deepen their knowledge of climbing. We will work on climbing techniques and do some fun exercises. We also spend time on various methods of belaying and tying in, dealing with heights and understanding the equipment.


The cost amounts to € 8,50 per student per hour, with a minimum of€€ 127,50 per hour. Includes: all necessary equipment, instruction and climbing itself. If you prefer students to be belayed by our instructors costs are € 12,50 per student per hour, with a minimum of€ 187,50 per hour. Prices exclude: climbing shoes, food and drinks. Please enquire about exact possibilities and terms.


An introduction to climbing

Would you like to have a go at climbing? Take an introductory lesson!

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Groups and companies

Climbing with your colleagues is the ideal activity for a team meeting. Come try it out and reach with your team the top. 

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Kids birthday parties

Have your birthday party with us and invite all your friends!

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