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The basic course is a thorough way to learn to climb, and a really cheap way as well. This is not as strange as it seems, because at de Klimmuur we would like to promote that every climber is basically trained well. But first something about the trainging it self.

The basic course has 4 lessons, in which several belaying techniques are addressed, equipment is explained and in which off course much attention is devoted to the many different climbing techniques. This course is concluded with the K2 certificate of the Branchvereniging Klim Sport [dutch industry association for climbing gyms], which means you can climb independently at all climbing gyms in the Netherlands.

The course costs € 99,00. This price includes entrance, 4 classes and the equipment needed. When you finish your course with the K2 certificate, you’ll get a month’s pass for free. This means free entrance to the Klimmuur for one month (excluding rental equipment).

Every first Monday of the month there are 2 new courses, one at 18:30 and one at 20:30. On every first Friday, Saturday and sunday of the month there is a course at 19:30.

You can pick a day and then conclude the course on this day each week.

An introduction to climbing

Would you like to have a go at climbing? Take an introductory lesson!

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Groups and companies

Climbing with your colleagues is the ideal activity for a team meeting. Come try it out and reach with your team the top. 

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Kids birthday parties

Have your birthday party with us and invite all your friends!

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