parent-child course


This course is meant for adults and children who want to climb together regularly. We teach the adult how to belay safely and the child how to climb. Suitable for children from 4-12 years.


The course consists of 3 lessons. You can plan the exact times and dates with the klimmuur. The course has to take place within a period of 2 months.


Preparation – Make sure to wear comfortable sports clothes so you can wear the harnass comfortably (also for the adult!) and wear (clean) sneakers.


After the course –  Once you have succesfully finished the 3 lessons, the adult will receive the Z2-status from the ‘Branchevereniging Klimsport’, which proves you can belay a child independently and safely in a toprope situation. This allows you to climb freely in our gym with no reservation needed and only pay the entrance fee for the climber(s) and the neccesary rental gear (or buy your own gear). Adults do not pay an entrance fee if they only come to belay the child(ren).


Price of the course:
€60,00 incl. 3 times instruction and climbing gear for adult and child. We also charge a registration fee of €5,- for which you’ll receive a personal card linked to a system on which we register your course and abilities. With the card you also get a discount on food and beverages.

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