At de Klimmuur we provide training at different levels. Our basic technique traning is most popular.

basic technique
This training is very accessible and meant for starting climbers, that are experienced to climb independently, but still encounter problems in improving their climbing technique. This training is open for individuals . The training comprises 4 lessons  and starts on a montly basis.

This trainging is often used in combination with the four free entries you get with the purchase of starter equipment package. The best used path would be: beginners course, a full month of climbing with the free month’s pass followed by the basic technique training using the free entries of the equipment package deal.
If you would like to know at what times this training is given, please select one of the locations below.

 advanced technique
Our advanced technique training is always custom fit, and different for each location. More details and hours can be found by selecting the right button for the location below.

Amsterdam Haarlem De Uithof Hollands Spoor Rotterdam

An introduction to climbing

Would you like to have a go at climbing? Take an introductory lesson!

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Groups and companies

Climbing with your colleagues is the ideal activity for a team meeting. Come try it out and reach with your team the top. 

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Kids birthday parties

Have your birthday party with us and invite all your friends!

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